The Fifth Man

A three piece device that automatically positions fire truck ladders to save fire fighters time during emergency rescues. It consists of a handheld pointing gun, controller box, and sensor package attached to the end of the ladder. The pointing gun provides firefighters with a quick and reliable way to choose an entry point that the ladder needs to move to. After the laser is pointed to this location and the trigger is pulled, the system will work completely on its own. The controller arms can be quickly and easily placed onto the existing ladder controller joysticks. It uses feedback from the sensor package to actuate the joysticks and position the ladder to the desired entry point.

Product Features

  • Assist and advice firefighters of dangerous entry points ahead of time
  • Controller arms retrofitted to existing ladder controllers
  • Controller arms can be quickly slid to the side for manual control
  • Obstacle detection and avoidance
  • Robust construction prevents damage to system and extends lifetime of product